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◆ Direct LCL Routings 

Complying and perfecting the international supply chain operations to ensure our customers satisfaction. Demands from consumer's reflects the term of modern trading business and services extended beyond the consolidated container, plays a more important role pragmatically. Safety, reliability and  accuracy  are constantly monitored and penetrated to keep our customers on top of every movement of their valuables & precious cargo . 

Ultimate provides direct consolidation services throughout five continents; direct port to port consolidation ensures a favorable, faster and efficient experience to customers. Direct consolidation corroborates the value of our company, it substantiates the security and excellence that we extend to our customers. Ultimate provides THE ULTIMATE LCL freight routes, including: America, Poland, Hamburg, Singapore, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia and other regions.

  • Direct LCL to United States 
  • Direct LCL to Poland

  • Direct LCL to Germany

  • Direct LCL to Singapore

  • Direct LCL to the Middle East

  • Direct LCL to India and Pakistan