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Since 2002, The Ultimate Solid Logistics (Shenzhen) Ltd established as a branch office by The Ultimate Group in Shenzhen, China.
as well as holding a NVOCC licence , (MOC-NV03377) certified by the Ministry of Transport.

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Sea Service

Air Service

Railway Service

Amazon FBA service

Complying and perfecting the international supply chain operation
to ensure our customers satisfaction.

The demand from consumer’s reflects the term of modern trading business and services extended beyond the consolidated container
plays a more important role pragmatically. 

The Ultimate Company maintains a long-term cooperation
and a friendly partnership with all major airlines,
providing our customers with excellent quality air transport service
with a reasonable price. 

We can offer exclusively to-door solutions for each Amnzon sellers from the FBA warehouse throughout the United States. There are economical, fast service options for customers.

In recent years, Ultimate Company actively responds to " the Belt and Road" strategic planning advocated by government;  the company has been cooperating with a number of railway platforms to provide customers with a rail transport service that is faster than ocean transport and cheaper than air transportation. 


Express service

Picking up & delivery

Non-vessel operated common carrier

Import & export declarations & documents

Warehousing & distribution

Domestics  & China-Hongkong Trucking


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Issue VAT invoices

Minimize customer operating costs.

Service Network

Powerful and global

Mature and stable service network

Respond to your needs in a timely manner.

Superior Team

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Provide quality service.

NVOCC Qualification

Follow the shipping companies directly

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Company News

  • #轉載#教你讀懂集裝箱的“身份標記”

    国际标准组织规定的标记有必备标记和自选标记两类,每一类标记中又分识别标记和工作标记。 是集装箱所有人向国际集装箱局登记注册的三个大写的拉丁文字母表示,比如马士基集团自有箱的箱主代号之一是“MSK”。

Industry News

  • #轉載#教你讀懂集裝箱的“身份標記”

    国际标准组织规定的标记有必备标记和自选标记两类,每一类标记中又分识别标记和工作标记。 是集装箱所有人向国际集装箱局登记注册的三个大写的拉丁文字母表示,比如马士基集团自有箱的箱主代号之一是“MSK”。

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